PM|CO is a diverse consultancy that applies expertise, creativity, and drive to deliver a range of services in support of organizations which own, operate, or invest in real estate.

The consultancy was launched by a group of professionals with varied backgrounds who have a passion for design, construction, and processes that lead to successful outcomes. Unlike many other organizations who offer similar services, PM|CO acts solely on behalf of our clients.

As an organization that brings a proactive approach to management, what is paramount to PM|CO is producing quality work, being dependable to our clients, and maintaining the best team of consultants in the marketplace.

Let us bring you a success story.


Client representation forms the foundation of all of PM|CO’s service offerings. As an advocate and advisor, PM|CO is a direct extension of your staff and adopts your vision when determining the best strategy for the planning and delivery of projects. PM|CO understands the many services and resources that are required at every stage of a project and the importance of active management in bringing about a successful result. PM|CO’s broad range of completed projects speaks to our ability to deliver core management services across a large array of expectations while providing the attention that each client and project deserves. Most importantly, PM|CO acts solely on your behalf, with no conflicts of interest, becoming your eyes and ears and adopting your vision.

  • Comprehensive strategic planning assistance
  • Brand development support
  • Project budget review and management
  • Project schedule review and management
  • Risk identification and management strategies
  • Construction administration oversight
  • Progress documentation
  • Project closeout and acceptance coordination
  • Reporting at various intervals, depending on requirements

Program Development
& Determination

Great ideas often require honing, clarification, and organization in order to establish the foundation on which to drive to a satisfactory result. Irrespective of size, a concise program and overall execution strategy is paramount to the success of your project. PM|CO’s thorough and accurate up-front planning provides for a more informed and prepared team, fewer mistakes, and a drastically reduced risk profile.

  • Comprehensive strategic planning
  • Agreement review and negotiation
  • Project schedule & budget development
  • Sub-consultant contracting assistance
  • Oversight of sub-consultants
  • Permitting and property use strategies
  • LEED and sustainability initiatives coordination
  • Establishment of overall project plan

Site Selection
& Due Diligence

The selection of construction sites for both ground-up builds and renovations of existing spaces can be a fast-paced and challenging effort, as multiple project teams require rapid and accurate coordination to assess multiple sites’ potential to fill the needs and desires of the client. Quickly evaluating the potential of a particular site to fulfill a range of requirements while meeting schedule and budget constraints, all within often short windows of opportunity allowed by the seller, can be challenging for many organizations to accurately handle internally. As an extension of your team, PM|CO takes a swift and active role in the facilitation and management of this process.

  • Existing conditions evaluation
  • Selection, contract negotiation assistance, and oversight of the project team
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project proforma coordination
  • Entitlements and permitting strategies
  • Public meeting representation
  • LEED and sustainability initiatives
  • Brand establishment support


A broad range of completed projects speaks to PM|CO’s ability to deliver core management services across a large array of expectations, while providing the attention to each project that our clients deserve. As the client’s advocate and advisor, PM|CO works as a direct extension of your staff and adopts your vision when determining the best strategy for the planning and delivery of a project. PM|CO understands the many services and resources that are required to bring about successful results, and actively manages all project activities to achieve this. PM|CO believes in an active management role, driving towards success rather than merely engaging in passive reporting. We work to actively identify challenges, put protective measures in place, and find solutions rather than accepting impacts to schedule or budget.

  • Program and scope generation
  • Comprehensive strategic planning
  • Budget development and management
  • Schedule development and management
  • RFP and bid management
  • Team selection and contract negotiation assistance
  • Project team oversight and management
  • Design management and administration
  • Permitting and government/public agency coordination
  • LEED and sustainability initiatives administration
  • Long lead item identification and procurement management
  • FF&E management
  • Project accounting and cost tracking
  • Application for payment/invoice review
  • Partial and final waiver review
  • Construction administration management
  • Photographic progress documentation
  • Punch list management
  • Project close-out and acceptance coordination
  • Warranty claim assistance


Cost Management is not only the cost estimating of a project. PM|CO’s professionals immerse themselves in the life of a project from the start to identify not just raw scope but also how the overall design intent and client or end user goals might affect the budget. PM|CO collaborates well beyond pulling quantities and listing costs, with a proven track record of getting the most value out of every dollar invested.

  • Feasibility studies & concept estimates
  • Cost planning/budget development
  • Cost benchmarking
  • Detailed cost estimating
  • Whole life costing
  • Value & risk management
  • Bid evaluation and reconciliation
  • Cost control & cash flow forecasting
  • Change order management & mitigation
  • Cost reporting
  • Final account negotiation
  • Cost auditing & peer review

Scheduling &
Project Controls

Planning for and managing cost and schedule change begins with thoughtful planning and a strong bid and negotiation process. Strategies established up front allow for clarity when change does arise. Despite the best planning efforts, all projects will encounter challenges, and PM|CO is skilled at minimizing impacts, beginning with clear and concise communication, including a recommendation on how to proceed in the best interest of the project.

  • Program management schedules
  • Preliminary schedules
  • Linear schedules
  • Periodic scheduling updates
  • Planned and as-built analysis schedules
  • Resource & cost loaded schedules
  • Construction project acceleration
  • Schedule delay analysis and quantification
  • Total float management
  • Time impact analysis
  • "What if" scenarios
  • Critical chain method analysis
  • Risk identification
  • Contract terms review
  • Establishment of change control measures
  • Evaluation & management of claims process

Building &
Project Recovery

Similar to how PM|CO takes a lead when brought on board early as client representative, project, and cost manager, PM|CO may be brought in at a later date to manage an unforeseen challenge or event. PM|CO’s consultants quickly understand challenges, then create and manage the critical path to success. This may come in the form of a robust design and cost management process, negotiations with a general contractor, detailed trade and resource planning for a schedule recovery effort, and often a combination of all three.

  • Investigation and evaluation of the challenge
  • Determination of cause(s)
  • Background research
  • Evaluation of recovery options
  • Budget and schedule development
  • Inspections and testing scheduling and monitoring
  • ​Recovery oversight
  • Project accounting
  • Photographic documentation
  • Report documentation
  • Insurance carrier coordination
  • Final reporting after correction

Investor Monitoring &
Development Support

PM|CO serves as a representative to investors, lenders, municipalities and financial institutions to keep you knowledgeably informed of design and construction progress and identify potential issues that could adversely impact your interests. Our comprehensive management process provides an early opportunity to identify and eliminate challenges before they become problems. By being better informed, we can help you reduce your risks and assist in helping you make informed decisions. This role may include, at multiple levels of involvement: on the ground oversight of all project activities; schedule tracking; and tracking of all project financials, from project inception through construction and closeout. Reports generated by PM|CO are foundational in providing detailed and accurate information, often becoming part of your larger organizational financial reporting.

  • Comprehensive strategic planning assistance
  • Project budget, schedule and logistics planning review and comment
  • Risk identification and management strategies
  • Project logistics and planning review and comment
  • Construction administration tracking
  • Loan payment application
  • Payment and loan-draw request reviews and monitoring for adherence to disbursement schedules
  • Application for payment review
  • Buyout status and subcontract review
  • Contractual loan obligations review
  • Work-in-place vs. available funding monitoring
  • Partial waiver review
  • Change order analysis
  • Testing report monitoring
  • Photographic progress documentation
  • Final waiver review
  • Project closeout